26th August, 2008

Vimoutliner Plugins

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I’m a big fan of Vimoutliner and use it for a variety of tasks. I recently managed to break my installation and thought I would document it here for future reference. Vimoutliner comes with a couple of plugins to support checkboxes next to items (for easy to do lists) and a technique called ‘hoisting’. Somehow in one of my frequent updates to my configuration I had lost support for both of these features.

It turns out that there is a small difference between the default configuration for Vimoutliner and the way I set up my Vim environment. By convention extension scripts for Vim are stored in a ‘plugin’ directory under your Vim home (which is ~/.vim by default) and that is where, amongst others, I had place vo_checkbox.vim and vo_hoist.vim. But for reasons known only to itself I have just discovered that Vimoutliner looks for extension scripts in a directory called ‘plugins’ (notice the plural). So a quick directory add and a couple of svn move‘s later and I was back in business.

4th August, 2008

Gerald release 0.2.3

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I have packaged and released version 0.2.3 of gerald. This is mainly a tidy up and bug fix release, with numerous additional unit tests. You can find all of the details in the CHANGELOG.txt file that comes with the source distribution (or view it here) but in a nutshell the changes from the last release are;

  • Numerous renames to more fully comply with PEP-8
  • Added numerous tests, full details in the CHANGELOG.txt file
  • Added an ‘enabled’ flag to table constraints (except in the MySQL module, because that database doesn’t support them)
  • Added support for column defaults in Oracle
  • Added a ‘table_name’ attribute to the schema.Trigger class
  • Removed main and usage functions from each module that shouldn’t be imported

Please download, install and enjoy. Bug reports or tumultuous praise to the usual address please.

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