27th January, 2009

Comment Bait

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I’ve just added a couple of plugins to this here blog, in preference to writing something useful, can you do me a favour and leave me a comment. In it you can tell me if the funky new preview functionality works for you or not.

And if you are using Internet Explorer 6 you should be seeing a yellow bar at the top of the page. Shame on you and let me know, because then I will know that the plugin is working and I can remove you from my address book. Double bubble.

16th January, 2009

Web 2.0 – better late than never

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Just to prove that I am doing things even when I’m not posting here I am leaving my mark on the internet at these other places as well;

  • My tumblog – is that even what they are called?
  • Twitter – of course
  • Plurk – although these messages may be suspiciously similar to my tweets
  • Facebook – just to keep up with the juvenile party photos of people I went to university with
  • Flickr – although most of the photos are restricted, if you want to see them drop me an email.

And you never know, I may actually post something technical here in the near future.

3rd January, 2009

Gerald release 0.2.4

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I have packaged and released version 0.2.4 of gerald. This is a minor release with a couple of little features and some documentation and admin updates. You can find all of the details in the CHANGELOG.txt file that comes with the source distribution (or view it here) but in a nutshell the changes from the last release are;

  • Added support for comments on columns in Oracle
  • Added support for comments on tables in Oracle
  • Changed the stylesheet used for documentation
  • Added more information to the README file and converted it to reStructured Text format

Please download, install and enjoy. Bug reports or tumultuous praise to the usual address please.

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