30th September, 2008

Photo Meme

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Look, it's me

Instructions: Take a picture of yourself right now. Don’t change your clothes, don’t fix your hair – just take a picture. Post that picture with NO editing. Post these instructions with the picture.

Hat tip – Steve Holden and Simon Brunning

20th February, 2007

Lightroom is Shipping

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I’ve been using the beta releases of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom to manage my digital image workflow for the last year or so. I’ve tried a number of products and this is the one that best fits my requirements (particularly for the manipulation and conversion of RAW images). So much so that I’ve stuck with it for much longer than any of the other photo processing and workflow tools that I have tried.

When Adobe announced general availability I whipped my credit card out so fast I nearly cut myself. As of yesterday they are shipping boxes and mine should arrive some time in the near future. I can’t wait. It is sparklingly good software.

For preference I use free software, and make my payment in bug reports, fixes or time on mailing lists. But Lightroom is head and shoulders above the competition (in both free and proprietary software) that I don’t mind paying my hard earned dollars for it.

Of course, your mileage (and requirements) may vary, but if you are in the market for photo management software do download a copy and try out the thirty day trial.

8th December, 2006

Sydney Python at OSDC 2006

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As my inaugural photo post I could have picked something sensible and sober. But I eschewed that in favour of the two convenors of the Sydney Python group at Caulfield station last night.

You’ll be shocked to hear that just prior to this we had been indulging in what was referred to as a beer BOF

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