Contributing to Gerald


This document describes all of the ways you can contribute to the Gerald project.

Finding and Reporting Bugs

If you discover something in Gerald that doesn’t work properly you can do one of two things:

  1. Create a ticket at the Issues list
  2. Send an email to

Whichever route you chose, please remember to make the information relevant and if possible please include a way to re-create the problem you are seeing in as few steps as possible.

Source Code

The project source code is in a Mercurial repository at BitBucket. All development work takes place on the trunk.

You can view it here or check out a copy using:

$ hg clone

Task Management

Issues and enhancements requests are record on the Issues list at BitBucket

Supporting New Databases

A guide to adding support for different relational databases is included in the documentation. It is called Adding Support for a Database Engine

Mailing List

There is no mailing list for Gerald users or developers. All email should be addressed to

Author:Andy Todd
Last Updated:Wednesday the the 18th of January, 2017.