Weeknotes 2020.08.24

Things I've been looking at in the week beginning Monday the 24th of August, 2020.


Add ins (plugins) for Microsoft Outlook

We are an Office 365 shop at work. I, for contrary reasons mainly, use a Mac. I recently felt the need to disable an Outlook plugin that I had added a while ago. I went looking for instruction to manage plugins in Outlook. Blimey. There is no way to do this in the client that I run on my Mac. In the end to deactivate the plugin I had to

  1. Log in to Outlook web mail
  2. Enable a setting to see the 'Get Add-Ins' button on the web interface (settings -> 'View All Outlook Settings' -> 'Customize Actions' -> tick the box next to the icon for 'Get Add-ins')
  3. Select a message in my inbox, find the cunningly hidden 'Get Add-Ins' button (click the three dots and it should be in the list), select 'My Add-ins' then click the very non-obvious button to deactivate the plugin.

Simple, really. A bit like the instructions in the Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy to find plans to demolish Arthur Dent's house

Halfcooked Utilities

I have an old and venerable collection of code snippets that I keep in a (very) private repository. It started as a Subversion repository about 15 years ago and I've just added bits and pieces as I have gone along. I realised this week that there are 3 Python modules in it that I reuse on a regular basis. So I've copied them into a fresh project. I revamped one of the modules to provide a better interface and fixed and revised all of the unit tests, I need to do the same for the other two. The curious can find hc-utils on my server.

Interesting Media

Funky Moped Someone at work re-acquainted me with this classic from 1975 - Funky Moped and that sent me down a YouTube rabbit hole of Jasper Carrott videos.
Batflowers (Megan) Washington has a new album out today, it's called Batflowers, here's a review