Weeknotes 2020.08.31

Things I've been looking at in the week beginning Monday the 31st of August, 2020.

Note Taking Apps

I am always trying to look at the tools and techniques I use and see if I can improve them. I spend a lot of time writing notes and in recent years I've moved from paper notebooks to tools and apps on my laptop, phone and/or tablet. I've tried lots of different tools and I know that there are many more out there. The applications that I have spent the most time with are One Note, Joplin, and Bear. Although I have recently been dabbling with Inkdrop and Obsidian.

My main criteria for note taking apps are that I can write in Markdown, synchronise my notes between laptops, my iPad and ideally my phone as well. That it has a sensible way to link between notes - and bonus points for linking to a section of a note - supports Vim keybindings, has a sensible way to arrange and navigate my notes and that the writing and reading experience (really the editor and the user interface) are pleasant to use.

At the moment I'm splitting my time and attention between Bear and Obsidian. Bear doesn't by any means support all of the features on my list but it absolutely nails the experience and note organisation and that's why it is still my primary note repository. The more time I spend with Obsidian though, the more I appreciated it. If I could only find a way to edit my notes on my iPad I may even consider switching to it full time.

Inkdrop had a new release (v5) this week so I did take a quick look but it still has a confusing approach to note organisation (notebooks, folders, and tags) and doesn't allow for easy/simple linking between notes.

Interesting Media

I quite enjoyed this Reddit thread which posed the question - "Non-Americans of reddit, what is your genuine reaction to what’s going on in America right now?". I haven't read the whole thing but the UK/US analogies are quite good, particularly the one about your boat being on fire but you look to your left and see a cruise ship on fire with the captain running around pouring petrol on everything.