Weeknotes 2020.09.07

Things I've been looking at in the week beginning Monday the 7th of September, 2020.

Android 11

I woke up on Wednesday morning to the news that Android 11 has been released. It was on my phone about an hour later. That's pretty seamless. Although it does help that I have a Google Pixel and that they are always the first phones to receive Android version upgrades. So far I like the media controls in the notification panes and the ability to customise the items that appear when I long press the power button.

The only glitch I've found is with the application switch line on the bottom of the screen interrupting interactions with the very bottom of the active application. I think relates to my use of Action Launcher, which I'm sure will be fixed very quickly.


I've built a couple of small web sites using Bootstrap, but so has everybody else. In my constant quest to be slightly different to everyone else I came across Bulma. It's a pure CSS framework that allows you to build modern responsive web site without masses of Javascript. It's also really simple to pick up - all you need to do is add some classes to your existing HTML code and you have a really nice looking site.

I re-skinned one of my projects using Bulma in just a couple of hours. It looked great out of the box. But then just as I was wanting to change the colour scheme I came across Bulmaswatch and found some really great, ready to go colour and presentation themes built on top of Bulma. If you're building web pages I highly recommend checking out Bulma

Sorted, kind of

This week, thanks to a Real Python tutorial I learned the difference between the sorted built in function and the sort list method in Python. In the past I reflexively reached for sort when I wanted to order a collection of things, this article has convinced me to change that for the sorted built-in function. Not least because it is much more flexible and can be used with any collection, not just lists.

Interesting Media

Couch Convention Last weekend was a new kind of experience for me. Marillion held an online version of their regular fan conventions. This one was called the couch convention. It's always great to see what they come up with, even if I did get up ridiculously early on Sunday morning to watch the concert video from the Albert Hall in 2018. Top band, top weekend - at least the bits I saw.
Long Hot Summers There's a new Style Council album - alright it's not new but a career spanning anthology - at the end of September. I'm in the queue.