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Whoswho Web Access

The whoswho application has a couple of features to help you view and search your address books using a web browser.

Output to an HTML File

You can create an HTML version of your address books using:

$ python scripts/

This will create a file that is easy to open in your web browser of choice on your computer. The file will be created in the same folder as the original XML file. It can also be placed on your tablet or phone using a file sharing application such as Dropbox or SpiderOak

The script is fairly simple. It just uses an XSL stylesheet to transform the Address Books from XML to valid HTML.

Simple Web Access to your Address Books

whoswho includes a fully functioning web application that will let you search your address books.

It is built with Flask and can be run as a stand alone web server with:

$ python

You will see a message something like:

* Running on
* Restarting with reloader

Simply go to the URL in the first line of the output in your web browser. You should see a page like this


Enter your search term in the ‘Find’ field and press ‘Search’ to see people from your address book. If you want to use a company name to search on click the ‘Company’ check box.

If you would like a more permanent version you can deploy the application to a WSGI server. Just follow the instructions for your server of choice in the deployment options section of the Flask documentation.