Moving House
More Oracle XE on Ubuntu
PythonCard 0.8.2
Setting up User Directories under Apache2 on Ubuntu
Producing a CSV file from a database table
Multi Language Oracle Applications
A Little Bit of Politics
Python and Oracle
Comments Broken
Minor Annoyances
New web site
Wither PyCon 2006 on the Web?
Returning Database Rows as Dicts
Different Wiki
DB-API UML Diagram
Getting Cranky with Raptor
Upgrading Raptor
Will my tablespace auto extend?
Editor Envy
Presentation Software
Machine Envy
Even More Woe
Building GUI Application in PythonCard
OSDC meet Web 2.0
OSDC 2005
Thrice Woe
It Never Rains
String manipulation in PL/SQL
November Sydney Python Meetup
It's Still The Web Stupid
Oracle buys InnoDB
Java or Python libraries in Jython?
Dangerous Combinations
OSDC 2005
Checking my file copies
Python for Oracle Developers
Oracle Warehouse Builder - Woops
July Sydney Python Meetup
Using the Oracle Thin JDBC Driver from Jython
On the Ubiquity of Excel
Python Cookbook
One to Watch
Oracle Applications Session Set Up
It's The Web Stupid
May Sydney Python Meetup
Oh Me, Oh My
Returning Rows as Dicts in MySQLdb
Better Search
Design Documents
Ubuntu Better, Knoppix Best
Bad Kinterbasdb Dilemma
Rather Missing the Point
A Slight Diversion
Quixote Presentation
Order By and Oracle View Definitions
Where Does Groove Want To Go Today?
March Sydney Python Meetup
Productivity and Plain Text Files
Soup for the Fevered Brain
Subversion and Squid - Working
Recommended Reading
Subversion and Squid
Technology Backwater
ANSI Join Syntax in Oracle
Bloglines Meme
Using IDEs with Python
Unit Testing Pitfalls
Sydney Python Meetup Tonight
Order Is Important
Static Typing in Python
Python for Series 60 Released
Oracle Warehouse Builder Transformations
Firefox or Safari
Sydney Python meetup in January
Linking Number Plates and Mobile Numbers
Maplets in Oracle Warehouse Builder?
People Management, Appraisals and Pay Reviews
Validating Relax NG with libxml2 and Python
Database Independence
Better Late Than Never
Small Patch to pwyky
Deploying Mappings in Oracle Warehouse Builder
Installing Oracle Warehouse Builder
Ubuntu Live CD
Bad Documentation
Resolving Interesting Behaviour in Element Tree
Interesting Behaviour in ElementTree
Long Time No Blog - With Extra Oracle Goodness
The Lights Go Dim
Linux Desktop Woes
PythonCard 0.8
My PyBlosxom Flavour
Python People Are Very, Very, Nice
Extended Print Form
Python Decorators
Towards a Consistent Database API
Installing Jakarta-Tomcat on Debian
Acquiring Stock Prices and Exchange Rates
The Year of the Bookmark Service
Bad Web Site of the Day
Disappearing Web
Going Wireless
Notcon Part 3
Notcon Part 2
Notcon Part 1
XML Transforms
Editing XML in VIM
Validating an XML document against its DTD
Python and XML
Getting Better Every Day
UK Hosting
Conference Attendance
Date Arithmetic in SQL Object
Open Source Databases vs Oracle
Invoking HTML Tidy from VIM
VIM and SQL Plus
VIM in Mozilla
Python better than Java?
RDBMS in an Agile (OO) Project
Opening Another file in VIM
Fiddling Under the Covers
The Platform or the Package
Fix a Bug, Write a Test
String Substitution in Python 2.4
VIM Outliner
RSS Comment Feed
Multiple Workspaces in Debian/Gnome
Proper Numerical Data Types
Subversion 1.0 via Fink
Subversion 1.0
Gerald the half a schema 0.1
Documenting Python Source Code
UK Python Conference 2004
More Apple Goodies
Enabling cgi in Mac OS X Personal Web Sharing
Installing MySQL on Mac OS X
Relational v Object-Relational
More Apple Fanboy-ism
Oracle and PHP
Oracle discovers the blogosphere
VIM Productivity Tools
Tomcat 5.0 and Apache 2.0
Even More Knoppix
More Knoppix
Always Learning
Free Software
Browsing the Windows Neighbourhood
MP3 Jukebox Hacking
Right Padding A String
Comment Spammed
Bad E-Commerce Web Site
iTunes v MusicMatch Jukebox
Sum the squares of a sequence of numbers
Kata 2, Revisited
Kata 2, Pass 1
Kata 18
Date Utilities
Almost perfect
Database Metadata
Just When You Think You Know Everything
Instant Messaging
One More Thing
Standards are a funny old thing
Oracle 9i Goodies
More Eclipse Plugins
VNC and TightVNC
PythonCard 0.7.2
Regular Expressions? In Oracle? With Their Reputation? Apparently
Good Software vs Bad
Laptop Sleeves
Quixote Tutorials
datetime vs mxDateTime
The Internet Was Invented For This
Browsing Oracle Tables in PHP
Flex Your Muscles
Eclipse, Python and PythonCard
Table Size in DB2
Anonymous CVS Access
MyCroft Plugins
Eclipse, Python and Vi
Eclipse and Python
Oracle Tools
Captain Bollocks
RSS Aggregators
More Quixote Love
Essential Laptop Tools
No Ternary Operator
A Desktop in XUL
CVS Trauma
Switch to Python
PHP News
So True
Table Modifications in DB2
Iterators and Databases
Changing Tables in DB2
Dropping Columns in DB2
Oracle v SQL Server, Part 9
Playing Vim Catchup
Python Folding in VIM
Data Modelling Tools
Why Use One Word?
Project Motto
Data Access Objects
Last Blogging Tools Entry
More blogging toolage
A new blogging tool
Ted Codd RIP
Database State of the Nation
So this is marketing?
Python for DB2 Anyone?
Light Reading for IT Managers
Exploring Object/Relational Mapping in Python
Good User Interfaces in Java
Python UK Conference 2003
Oracle v SQL Server, Part 8
Logging in Python
Want to know your Oracle character set?
Class Browser in Vim
Not quite dependent enough
Too Many Chiefs?
Quixote on Windows
Mapping Objects to Tables
Oracle v SQL Server, Part 8
Implementing a tree in SQL
Oracle v SQL Server, Part 7
Oracle v SQL Server, Part 6 and a bit
Oracle v SQL Server, Part 6
PythonCard 0.7
Raw Strings on Windows
Embedding PyCrust Revisited
Oracle v SQL Server, Part 5
Oracle v SQL Server, Part 4
Oracle v SQL Server, Part 3
Embedding PyCrust in a wxPython Application
UK Python Conference 2003
ADO through Python
DCOracle2 on Windows
XML in Python
Just a quickie
Oracle v SQL Server, Part 2
PL/SQL vs Transact-SQL, Part 1
Oracle v SQL Server, Part 1
The Well-Formed Web
Create csv files from Oracle
Oracle Tips
PythonCard 0.6.9
Changing Line Endings in VIM
Valid RSS
Oracle 8.1.7 on Windows2000 with a Pentium 4
All things come to he who waits
Not today sonny
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Style never goes out of fashion
One step at a time
No Progress
Boys and their Toys
Back and raring to go ...
Back in the Saddle
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Out of the Closet
Baby Steps
Welcome, and Bienvenue
Technology - its great, innit
Language Comparisons
This is not a tech news site, but ...
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Solving Problems by Displacement
Multi Vendor SQL
Headings in Blogger
Couldn't Resist
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One last change
Validation Problems
Transition to CSS and XHTML
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Reasons I Choose to use Python
Seamless Persistent Storage
Radio Userland on notice
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Eating your own dog food
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Python vs Javascript
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