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October 09, 2002


Its not a crusade or anything, but I am not a big fan of bad customer service. On the web this usually comes in the form of badly written web sites that have only been tested in IE. Well step forward today's contender, from the lovely folks at;

They have committed a number of venal sins. The site does not render properly in any of the browsers I am running under Debian but just about clearly enough that I can navigate through to the quotations page. Sadly I can do nothing whilst I am there. They have then failed even to say "this pages only works with xxx browsers" So, I thought I would give them a call to get a motor insurance quote. It only tooks me about ten minutes, and three levels deep in their site structure, to actually find a telephone number to call. Do they not want my business? Sheesh.

Posted by Andy Todd at October 09, 2002 03:30 PM