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November 05, 2004

Installing Oracle Warehouse Builder

I've recently had quite a few goes at installing Oracle Warehouse Builder 10.1, each of which has been a glorious failure. Today I found the cause of my pain and, delight of delights, a solution.

I was failing to install the repository into my development database. For those new to the world of Warehouse Builder the tool stores the design information you supply in a series of tables (with associated sequences, triggers, views and code objects) called the repository. Before you can define mappings and transformations you need to create this repository.

My problem lies, I think, in the fact that I was trying to create my repository in an Oracle 9.2 (as opposed to 10g) database with a unicode character set (in my case 'AL32UTF8'). This combination causes the repository assistant to crash when populating the repository tables with seed data. The error I received was;

INS0017: Installation of seeded data failed
INS0029: Error occurred during installation. Check the log file C:\Oracle\product\10.1.0\OWB\owb\reposasst\log.txt for details

Checking the log file wasn't much use as it just showed an enormous exception stack from when the error occurred with the primary culprit being SetCurrentProjectExceptionSDK1001. Various searches on metalink hadn't revealed much, until I used the exception itself as my search string

Then I found this forum thread which mirrored my experiences and provided a solution. For those without access to Oracle support the problem (and solution) lies in the use of the thick Java JDBC driver in this particular circumstance. Telling OWB to use the thin JDBC driver for the duration of the repository installation solves the problem and allows the repository creation to work. The steps, as detailed in the forum thread, are;

1) Locate OWBHome\owb\bin\admin directory (Windows) or OWBHome/owb/bin/admin (Unix)
2) Create a file in this directory with the following line ONLY.
3) Create OWB Repository
4) After successful creation, delete the above created file

Posted by Andy Todd at November 05, 2004 10:41 AM


Thanks for the help! I contacted recently Oracle Support (metalink) with the same problem as you describe, but did not get the right information to deal with the problem (I even uploaded a bunch of log files and error reports to them, but answers did not help).

Now my OWB works fine and the sun is shining.

Thanks again!


Posted by: SH on April 28, 2005 05:25 PM