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March 07, 2005


Tired of the constant "look what my phone can do" comments from TGChen I succumbed and got a new mobile phone. I kept the budget modest and didn't stretch to a smart phone, just one that works. I seem to be in good company though, like Sil I've got my hands on a new K700i (just two days after they announce it's replacement, the K750i, naturally).

Regardless, what I find remarkable about this new phone is it's connectivity. It just works. I charged it up, turned it on, made sure bluetooth was working and then fired up iSync. Approximately three minutes later my address book and calendar were copied onto my phone. This, people, is the way that technology should work.

Posted by Andy Todd at March 07, 2005 10:54 AM


Still enjoying your K700i? Blootooth with iSync sounds very enticing. Have you found any other compelling features over the last few weeks?

Posted by: Keith Pitty on April 18, 2005 09:13 PM