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March 09, 2006

Minor Annoyances

My Powerbook is back at the dealers, again. This time they are replacing the airport card. When I get it back my wife will be slightly less grumpy as there won't be too many cables lying around our lounge whenever I'm about. The minor annoyance here is that the support centre took seven days to look at my machine. Once they did it was a ten minute job to figure out that they needed to replace the card - which I told them when it was booked in.

Meanwhile I've been using my work laptop. It really doesn't hold up well against the Powerbook, but is somewhat nicer to use since I've installed Ubuntu. My gripe here is with the Debian packaging of Thunderbird, my current mail client of choice. I use it to connect to my IMAP mail server and then switch to offline mode when I'm travelling or at work. Except by default Thunderbird doesn't come with this feature on Debian (and therefore Ubuntu). You have to install another package to activate offline mode. A feature I only discovered after I needed it. Bah. People of Debian, ubiquitous network connection is still not with us, offline mode should be included by default just like it is on the Windows and Mac OSX versions of Thunderbird.

Posted by Andy Todd at March 09, 2006 07:59 AM