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January 31, 2006

DB-API UML Diagram

I have been a little slow catching up on my email recently and only today did I stumble across this gem introducing us to a UML class diagram for the Python DB-API 2.0. I've printed one out and put it next to my machine, I strongly suggest you do too.

It's available in a number of formats, for instance; JPEG, GIF, and PDF. Thanks for the great work Travis.

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January 24, 2006

Getting Cranky with Raptor

I've been using Raptor in anger for a couple of weeks now, and the initial enthusiasm is beginning to wane somewhat.

Here's what is currently getting my goat;

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January 13, 2006

Upgrading Raptor

At work we've been eating Oracle's dog food for them and running their new SQL development tool Project Raptor.

I rather like it. As it's an early adopter (a.k.a Beta) release I'm expecting the updates to come fast and furiously. The first one arrived yesterday and I dutifully installed it. As per the instructions I unzipped the new release in a different folder and fired it up. All was well but I had lost my database connection descriptions. Fear not, fair reader, because there is a simple way of retrieving them.

All you need to do is copy the IDEConnections.xml file from the jdev/system/oracle.onlinedb. folder of your original installation (you didn't delete it did you?) to the new one.

Update: I'm an idiot. If I had actually read the upgrade_guidelines.txt file that comes with Raptor I'd have noticed the instructions for migrating your connection settings. All you need to do before you upgrade is to right click on your connections list and select "Export Connections ...", then upgrade and right click on the connections list again and this time select "Import Connections ...". Remember kids, RTFM.

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January 05, 2006

Will my tablespace auto extend?

Today we had an alert message from one of our applications telling us that a tablespace in one of our Oracle databases had run out of space. As our DBA is working the night shift and his cover hadn't arrived in the office it was left to me (the backup DBA's backup) to figure out what was going on. My first question was "Will this tablespace auto extend?" Because if it would I could get back to my coffee.

Suprisingly enough I didn't know how to easily figure this out. I had a look at DBA_TABLESPACES but that didn't offer any obvious clues. A little searching led me to this tip of the week which amongst other things alerted me to the fact that in Oracle it's your data files that are set to auto extend, not the tablespace itself.

So given that I know that my USERS tablespace was having a spot of bother I tried this query;

SELECT file_name, autoextensible
FROM   dba_data_files
WHERE  tablespace_name = 'USERS'

And sure enough the autoextensible column for the single data file in this tablespace said NO. So I added another datafile and went back to reading Bloglines.

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