Quixote: An Introduction

Andrew J. Todd esq


Quixote in 5 Bullet Points

Quixote in 2 More Bullet Points

URLs map to Python objects

Python Templating Language

Rather than add Python like syntax to HTML just let Python return HTML

      def footer [html] ():
          # Literals are appended to the output
          '<p>Page generated at ' 
          # Expressions are evaluated
          time.strftime("%Y-%m-%d %H:%M", time.gmtime()) 
          # Then back to literals

Further Reading

Quixote 1.0 released 1st July, 2004 (approximately four years development). Current stable version is 1.2 (released 6th October, 2004) - adds support for Python 2.4, minor bug fixes Current development version is 2.0a5 (release 7th March, 2005) - new form library, unicode support, use standard boolean objects instead of custom type, merged debug and error logs, dependency on Python 2.3 and above, new simple HTTP server, numerous other tweaks.