These are some screenshots of PythonCard taken on a Debian system. Click on the images to get a larger picture. Beware though, there are thirty six pictures on this page so if you are on a slow connection they may take some time to load.

addresses01 The addresses sample, showing a filled in card.
addresses02 The addresses sample, showing the notes for a card.
conversions01 The conversions sample, this is a morse code to English conversion.
custdb01 The customer database sample.
alert01 The alert dialog.
colour01 The colour dialog.
directory01 The directory dialog.
file01 The file dialog.
find01 The find dialog.
font01 The font dialog.
message01 A message dialog.
minimal01 A minimal dialog.
multiple01 A multiple choice dialog.
scrolled01 A scrolled message dialog.
single01 A single choice dialog.
textentry01 A text entry dialog.
doodle01 The doodle sample.
findfiles01 The find files sample.
hopalong01 The hopalong sample.
messagewatch01 The message watcher window.
minimalsample01 The minimal sample.
namespace01 The namespace window.
namespace02 Another view of the namespace viewer window.
proof01 The PC proof of concept sample.
propertyeditor01 The property editor window.
samples01 The sample launcher application.
searchexplorer01 The search explorer sample.
shell01 The PyCrust shell window.
simple01 The simple browser sample.
sounds01 The sounds sample.
sourceforge01 The SourceForge tracker sample.
texteditor01 The text editor sample.
tictactoe01 The TicTacToe sample.
turtle01 The turtle sample.
widgets01 The widgets sample.
worldclock01 The worldclock sample.
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