Location Tagging Photos

Today Flickr, my photo management web site of choice (sorry Charles) have launched support for geo-tagging photos. Which is nice. I particularly like the way it has been implemented. You just select your photos in the organizr and then click on the map tab where you mark the location they were shot in. I'm not entirely convinced by the value of this (why do I need to know where my house is for instance?) but my inner librarian absolute revels in this kind of classification.

Of course if you're in Australia the Yahoo! Maps support is somewhat spotty. Why am I surprised? They've managed to get the names of the major cities and towns on their map of the big brown land but that's about it. Which means that until the people with the exclamation mark get their data updated to include the backwater I live in I'll be sticking with the localize bookmark from Sumaato. Even if it does leave rather untidy 'geo:lon' and 'geo:lat' tags on my photos it at least includes coverage of the places they were taken in.