In Search of Technologists

In my new executive position I'm responsible for maintaining adequate staffing levels in the technology department of my company. We are pretty much staffed up at the moment but there are some potential projects on the horizon that will tax the capacity of my team. In a novel fit of forward planning I'm trying to find a consulting partner who will be able to help us in these times of high workload. It is proving quite tricky.

So, dear lazyweb, do you know of any reputable consulting companies who will fit our bill. They must be;

  1. On the ground in Australia. A Sydney office is a bonus.
  2. Have competencies in one or more of; Python, PostgreSQL and scaling internet applications
  3. Have a track record and reputable references. I will be checking.
  4. Not cost the earth. Although I'm very aware of how much consultants cost, having been one myself for most of the last fifteen years.

Any and all suggestions are welcomed in the comments or to my email address. As long as they fit our criteria. Outsourcing and offshore development are not an option at this time so please don't suggest these.