Gerald release 0.2.6

I have packaged and released version 0.2.6 of gerald. This is an update that doesn't change any functionality but has involved a major re-factoring of the module unit tests. Rather than wait I have released the package in it's current form to give a base for some major changes coming in release 0.3

Gerald is being considered for use in the SQLPython toolkit. For them to get full value I will need to make a number of changes to the code. Luckily for all of us these were on the development roadmap anyway, so I've just moved them up the priority list.

As other people have shown an interest in the tool I have also invested in a little infrastructure and have fired up Trac for the sourceforge project. Gerald now has a wiki and, more importantly, a ticketing system for bug reports and feature requests. I've put the changes coming for release 0.3 in a number of tickets and you can track progress for the release using the version 0.3 roadmap.