Gerald release 0.4

I've been revelling in the Python goodness this weekend at PyCon Australia. This has motivated me to fix the last couple of issues and then package and release Gerald 0.4

What's new in this release? The most important changes are fixes to a number of issues identified by users of SQLPython. Gerald was appearing to take a long time to collect large schemas but was actually failing silently. I added test cases to show the problem and then fixed the code. This shouldn't happen any more.

I applied a couple of patches supplied by Catherine Devlin to cope with columns without defined lengths and to not get DBA objects in Oracle schemas.

I slipped in some new features as well; I implemented the to_xml and compare methods on the CodeObject class, and Gerald now supports views in MySQL (as long as you are running 5.1 or above).

Finally, I changed the project documentation to use Sphinx.

Downloads are available at the PyPI page and the SourceForge project page.

If you find any problems or want to contribute any code just send me an email.