Use the right tool for the job

I was going to write an informed and opinionated piece about the use of proper tools in corporate IT departments. In particular I was going to say that I found it interesting that smaller, more cost conscious teams (in startups or open source projects) use more modern and sophisticated tools for issue management, project planning and code management than the big IT departments that I have the pleasure to work in.

But, well, I've got to go and write a status report showing the break down of issues by status, and that is going to take me about three and a half hours. So I don't have time to faff about on my blog.

Instead, I'll just paraphrase JWZ (who was apparently in turn paraphrasing an older comment about sed) and say;

Some people, when confronted with a problem think "I know, I'll use a SharePoint list." Now they have two problems.

I mean, a SharePoint list for issue management? When we could use Jira or FogBugz? I give up.