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I haven't stopped, I've just stopped writing here. So now it's time to attempt a comeback, and not to be too hard on myself if this is a once in a while proposition. I haven't been working on a big secret project, or at least nothing that will be ready to reveal for a decade or two. Most of my technology and free time has been spent on what I would call 'tinkering'. I have tried out a lot of tools, technologies and small experiments but nothing has stuck.

So rather than wait for something serious and significant to write about I'm going to try and keep track of the things I have been trying in the hope that they will help other people in similar situations or act as a deterrent from wasting your time on such frivolous pursuits.

To that end I'm going to attempt to keep some weeknotes here, inspired by but probably not nearly as useful as those published by the likes of Simon Willison and Dan Catt.

For reference the subjects I've spent most time fiddling about with are Markdown note taking tools, various Python libraries, and trying to run my own services on my own server very much in the vein of Danny O'Brien's living on the edge discussions from a mere 12 years ago. Who says I'm not up to date?