Moving My Site

I've recently dipped my toe into the murky waters of self hosting. Using some of the great information and encouragement provided by the Self Hosted podcast and numerous blogs I've been setting up and running a variety of applications and systems on my home network.

The primary facilitators of this are Proxmox and Docker. I've used both as the new location for hosting this site. It used to run as an Apache virtual site running on a Digital Ocean droplet. But the traffic is so low that having a dedicated server was definitely overkill.

So I set up an Nginx container on a Proxmox virtual machine by following this guide and simply pointed my static site generator - Nikola - at the container's shared html volume and I was up and running.

Then I tweaked my DNS settings and pointed them at my reverse proxy (running Nginx Proxy Manager) which in turn points to the container I set up and away we go. It's a really simple and easy way to set up an isolated environment to run a simple web site like this one.