Gerald release 0.3.1

Everyone, say hello to version 0.3.1 of gerald. This is a minor update that fixed some issues introduced in release 0.3 In summary these are:

  • Ticket 17 - Views have been converted to dictionaries from tuples
  • Ticket 18 - Reading an Oracle sequence updates it's current value
  • Ticket 19 - Postgres primary keys were not represented properly when read from the database

Development, bug and issue tracking and the project wiki are available on the project Trac site. Source code and distribution files are available at the sourceforge page.

The next release will be 0.3.5 and will introduce the concept of a 'User'. This is similar to a 'Schema' but will reference all of the objects a database user can see even if they don't own them. You can track progress for the release using the version 0.3.5 roadmap.