Gerald release 0.3.5

This last weekend I released version 0.3.5 of gerald.

The major component of this release was to add a 'User' class to the oracle_schema module. This is similar to the 'Schema' class but whilst that shows all of the objects a database user owns the 'User' class contains details of all of the objects they can access, including those owned by other database users. This was requested by the sqlpython project to enable them to use gerald for database introspection.

The only other change was to ensure that the NotImplementedError exception is raised in all of the super type methods that are just stubs. This is mainly in the module and thus meant that I had to add a set of tests for this module.

Development, bug and issue tracking and the project wiki are available on the project Trac site. Source code and distribution files are available at the sourceforge page.

The next release will be 0.4. Exactly what will make up that release is still evolving. To see what is in the release and to track progress take a look at the version 0.4 roadmap.