Weird easy_install Behaviour

Dear lazyweb, I unsubscribed from the distutils-sig mailing list a while back and consequently I'm not up to date with the latest to-ings and fro-ings. But, I have a problem. As reported by someone today Gerald eggs won't install on Windows.

Everything is fine on my Ubuntu virtual machine, but on my shiny new work laptop I have Python 2.6 and today I downloaded and installed setuptools version 06.c11. When I try and install Gerald I get an error complaining about a lack of a file;

(TEST) C:WorkvirtualenvsTEST>easy_install gerald

Searching for gerald





Best match: gerald 0.3.5


Processing download

error: Couldn't find a setup script in c:docume~1andy~1.todlocals~1tempeasy_install-woqly0download

(TEST) C:WorkvirtualenvsTEST>

The only thing that I can find different is that my Ubuntu virtual machine is running version 0.6c9 of setuptools. Has the function changed between two release candidates?

Needless to say this means that Gerald won't install under Windows using easy_install until I figure this out. All help and suggestions warmly received.