Gerald release 0.3.6

I have just released version 0.3.6 of Gerald. Gerald is a general purpose database schema toolkit written in Python.

This release was at the request of the sqlpython project and contains only one change. A new convenience method connect has been added to the Schema class. This enables a schema to be initiated and then later have a database connection associated with it. Because this changes the public API of gerald I've released this under a new version number.

Development, bug and issue tracking and the project wiki are available on the project Trac site. Source code and distribution files are available at the sourceforge page.

The next release will be 0.4. Exactly what will make up that release is still evolving, although it is likely to feature SQL Server support as I have just started a new job and all of the systems there use it. To see what else is in the release and to track progress take a look at the version 0.4 roadmap.